Boys Printed T-Shirt

Boys Printed T-Shirt

Boys Printed T-Shirt

Who said that the t-shirt for boys should be sad? Certainly not green bottom! At home, you will discover a wide range of printed or plain t-shirt , hooded t-shirt, short-sleeved t-shirt and long sleeves. What to renew every day the style of your child. According to his mood and desires, depending on the temperature, there is necessarily a boy t-shirt that will please him. So, it is protected from the cold with turtleneck models, without sacrificing superb prints consisting of a set of patterns and texts mixed. They focus on nature, sports, urban, ethnic logos, stamps, vehicles and more. If it’s really cool, the hooded t-shirt is the best choice because it’s wraparound around your neck. All sweet, this boy t-shirt plays the stars with its wide stripes and vintage design.

Among the many versions of the printed t-shirt, our catalog also offers plain, basic articles with round neckline. It would be a shame to neglect them! They are really functional and their use quickly becomes daily. Your son will appreciate them especially when he wants to wear them under a big sweater. Another advantage of this type of t-shirt: it highlights a chino with camouflage print, for example, but also harmonizes with sports pants. The short-sleeved t-shirt remains the essential garment in summer. All boys must own in their wardrobe. They are beautiful with their photo-printed on the chest and there is something for everyone. Let’s not forget the contrasting edges on the collar and sleeves for a flamed jersey effect. The best of the best with a range of colors really cool.

T-shirt or polo: you have to choose

Eternal accomplice of jeans, jogging pants and chino, the boy T-shirt is a must-have child dressing. Available in white and offered in packs of four in short-sleeved, long-sleeved or tank top versions, it acts as a undershirt and warms with discretion the winter looks. Barely if one sees his rib collar protruding from a lumberjack check shirt. Pure cotton and a few grams of tannest – for comfort and fit – are part of the fancy boy T-shirt, which is packaged in a pack of two or three. Transatlantic and anchor stripes, medieval knights, space shuttles, jungle safari and race cars, all the prints dear to boys are at the rendezvous.

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